Michael Anthony Drops New Van Halen Singer Bombshell


Michael Anthony revealed how Sammy Hagar playing with Eddie Van Halen at Farm Aid was the catalyst for the band to hire him as their new singer to replace David Lee Roth in a new social media message to Hagar. He wrote, “That was the beginning brother.” He followed this with a heart emoji, a touching message to Hagar and Eddie Van Halen.

Eddie Van Halen’s wife reacted to a new Van Halen singer claim last week. David Lee Roth announced he is opening for KISS in North America this summer earlier this week. EJC said, “Good Lord when is KISS going to hang it up already. I saw them in Philly in March and Paul’s whole schtick was about “This is goodbye!!”. How can he go up there and say the same thing nite after nite after nite and not go crazy. I mean how much money can you possibly want on this earth when you are pushing 70 years old?

I would have been retired on my own private island 20 years ago. Looking forward to seeing Dave’s revamped band somewhere online. They must have come a long way. Paul/Gene wouldn’t allow a half-ass act to tour with them. I guess things have come full circle again for Dave/Gene (Van Halen Rising).”

EVHInTexas commented, “The very fact that Kiss is allowing Dave to open tells me all I need to know…Even Dave knows not to let another act get close to upstaging you…and yet here we are….Good for Dave but seriously if he sings like the last two tours its pointless other than to satisfy his boredom…”

EJC also chimed in, “Dave is probably going to have like a 25 min set with the lights on. That’s what they did with the painter guy, who was actually pretty interesting to watch.

The typical KISS show these days is families with their little kids in KISS makeup like Halloween forking over hundreds of $$$’s at the stands for t-shirts, posters etc. Adult men walking around in full Gene outfits almost 7ft tall.

It’s like cosplay or Comic Con type atmosphere… Not at all like a rock show anymore…I personally have no interest in seeing KISS again. It was a great show, but it hasn’t really changed in 20+ years.

Good for Dave getting out there and living what’s left of his life. Hope he’s got a band that brings it every night! I can’t really see it lasting too long if Dave is around Gene or Paul for too many conversations.

Nobody pays hundreds of $$$’s for a KISS show to see the opening band. That’s why they just had the painter guy. If Dave pisses them off, he will be off the tour and they will just prob play old school vids on the screen for 20 min. Van Halen opening for KISS would have been epic though.” Michael Anthony stealing from a Van Halen bandmate was just revealed.