Chris Cornell’s Widow Hits Back At ‘Slander’ Attacks: ‘You Continuously Lie’


Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky is yet again hitting back at the vicious online trolls who have harassed her and her family since Chris Cornell died by suicide in May. Vicky wrote back to one, “I’m going to tell you this you have lied you have slandered me and said everything imaginable – do not ever talk about my children.”

She added, “Every comment you make ‘alleged’ you continuously lie if it’s true and factual state it why alleged?”

Trolls and conspiracy theorists have spread slanderous lies and attacked members of Chris Cornell’s family since his death, including Vicky Cornell and Peter Cornell.

Vicky has also recently communicated with fans dealing with hardships, including a fan whose father is battling cancer. She recently announced the relaunch of Chris Cornell’s official website.