Bono Daughter Leaks Rest Room Photo For U2 Fans


Bono was recently spotted at a Harry Styles show, but the legendary vocalist didn’t need to say a word to voice his opinion about all of the happenings that night.

In a recent photo that is making its way around the internet; we get to get a glimpse into the everyday events that Bono goes through. Seemingly normal enough – Bono is seen at a show that isn’t U2. The star was seen at a Harry Styles show with family.

That’s not all, however, as Bono gets to photobomb during a picture being taken. In the photo, we see Bono flipping off the phone in which the photo was taken on.

Eve, who was spotted going for a dip with Styles at the Vico Baths earlier this week, posted on her Instagram Stories, “When the 1D tune drops” with a picture of her famous father and mother in the background showcasing Bono flipping the bird. She also posted a rest room photo.

Chris Blackwell, who founded Island Records recently spoke on why he signed U2 to a major label deal when they didn’t have any momentum behind them.

The founder stated: “I went into the club, and there were probably about 10 people in the club, and then the band came on and it opened up to about 15 people. [Laughs.] So it wasn’t that they were well known or anything at all, but it was just a club that their manager set up so I could listen to them. When I saw them playing and their passion, I really started to feel differently about them from right at the beginning. Then later on, as you heard other songs, that same passion was really there – that added a huge amount for me.”

Blackwell spoke on how the band already had a manager as well and were a very filled out group, to which Blackwell says: “So I really decided, without any question, to sign them because of the reasons I just told you – a manager and their passion.”

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