Chris Cornell’s Widow Reveals How He’d Track Her On Phone


A fan named linda.c.lovesccornell recently posted a beautiful story about Chris Cornell tracking his wife Vicky’s flights on his phone to make sure she landed safe on Instagram.

“I found this cute pic of Chris with a fan named Cara, I think she may be one of my followers?anyway this is a snippet from a review of his higher truth concert she went to.. ♥️?? During his performance in Toronto, he arrived onstage a few moments late, citing the following: His wife, Vicky was flying somewhere, and she was concerned with the turbulence. Chris was watching her flight on an app on his phone, and didn’t want to start the show until he knew her flight had landed, safe and sound.

At that moment, I turned to my husband and whispered, ‘Soul mates. What a guy — and what a lady.’ Love never dies.”

Vicky Cornell commented, “Thank you for keeping our memories alive… he would always track my flights until I landed as soon as the wheels touched the ground the phone would ring….”

federicapudva commented, “@vickycornell Whenever you write something about Chris, it sheds new light on a wonderful human being whom I only knew through his songs. It’s fantastic. Please, don’t stop sharing your memories, because, as absurd as it may seem, I guess I’ve never felt him as close to us. A big hug to you and to your family ❤️”

Vicky Cornell commented, “@federicapudva thank you for saying that – it means so much. And yes he was the most wonderful person #loudlove ?❤️”

catalinahartsell commented, “@vickycornell hello Vicky.. I just want you to know that I have deep respect for you, I’m know that you have your days. You know that people don’t have or wont ever this hugeness, this soul connection that you found with this man.. I sit here and i know now that I probably won’t experience that.. In those moment to moment times of your life did you ever know that you found this incredible creature that you were a very lucky girl.. Destined to be with you, and he wasn’t meant to be with any other women but you. It was already destined long ago that it would be you to be that special gem in his life. And only you to have these 2 precious sensitive babies.. I would give anything to find that on my life.. I know I’m not destined my time has already passed.. You will hold you head up high and Chris will watch you from above knowing that you can handle it from here..and if you ever need a friend.. Contact me.. Take care dear.”

Vicky Cornell commented, “@catalinahartsell thank you for your kind words. I miss him everyday. As far as destiny goes I don’t believe what’s written in the stars has expiration on it – you don’t know if your time has already passed.”