Chris Cornell’s Widow Unloads On Hatred After Murder: ‘We’re All In Trouble’


Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky has made an Instagram post regarding the tragic Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

“Such a heinous hate crime …. I have no words to express the sorrow I have felt the last few days- for the families affected by this outright murder of innocent people but also for all of us – what have we become? We are all in trouble. We have to be better than this , we must be better than this for all of us and for our children… #nomorehate #lovethyneighbor #prayforpittsburgh #prayforus #strongertogether #keepthepromise.”

Vicky also recently wrote about her late husband’s new Seattle MoPOP statue, “HIS VOICE WAS HIS VISION AND HIS WORDS WERE HIS PEACE. #ChrisCornell

Thank you Mayor #JennyDurkan , honored and humbled by your love and support.
Thank you @trevorneilson #BillHilf #JasenEmmons #MoPop #Vulcan #PaulAllen
Thank you and loud love back to Seattle and all the fans – near and far – we feel your love!!!!”

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea also made an Instagram post about the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

“This is one of my favorite writers of all times, the great Isaac Bashevis Singer. I learned a lot about the beautiful richness of Jewish culture from him. I am not a religious man myself, but I believe in god, and I pray humbly on my knees each and every day for peace and love for all. I deeply respect all religions, all paths to the oneness of a divine love. All are one.

The divisiveness of hate and fear in the air now is palpable, and it lays heavy on my heart. I weep tonight in solidarity with my Jewish brothers and sisters, and I pray that we can learn from this cruel insanity taken place in Pittsburgh.”