U2 Singer Bono Drops Family Affair Bombshell


Bono is currently heartbroken. While, yes, the singer has spoken up about a lot of heartbreaks in his time and writing tons of songs about the topic of heartbreak, this kind of ache is a different kind that really can never be described to a point where justice is done.

Bono of U2 has opened up on discovering a secret half-brother who, for years, he hadn’t known he had, and how guilt-ridden he felt about how he’d treated his late father over it.

Recently, the song of Bono – Elijah Hewson performed at Glastonbury last week. He revealed that he had only discovered his additional family member as an adult. It wasn’t until after his mother’s death that he learnt his father had hidden an affair – but Bono wasted no time in getting to know the half-brother who had been born as a result.

Bono had already known that he did have an older brother, Norman, whom he believed was his only sibling, until he reached his forties. As time would move forward, he then made the bombshell discovery that his father Bob had been having an extra-marital affair and that his heart had been “elsewhere” due to his secret other family.

Bono would state: “I do have another brother whom I love and adore that I didn’t know I had, or maybe I did. My father was obviously going through a lot but partly his head was elsewhere because his heart was elsewhere.”

He then went on to say that no-one else in his family had known about the love-child, including mother Iris, who tragically died when he was just 14.

Speaking on his mother and father’s relationship: “Then they had a child and this was all kept a secret.”

Originally, Bono had felt incredulous about his father’s affair.

Bono: “I asked him, did he love my mother? And he said ‘yes’, and [so] I asked him, how could this happen? And he said, ‘It can.”

The U2 frontman has since become “at peace” with what happened, which has included relieving himself of the guilt he felt at not being more supportive towards his father’s situation.