Chris Cornell’s Widow Unloads On ‘Psychic’ Who ‘Called Me A Murderer’


Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky has called out a so called ‘psychic’ who has made up disgusting lies about Chris Cornell and his family since his May 2017 death.

Vicky Cornell tweeted, “Hi there arent you madame Cleo making money off others tragedies? Why don’t you know ? You know everything else including what’s in people’s hearts. You are psychic – so tell us. We are all waiting ….”

“Heard you’re the ‘psychic’ who called me a murderer+my daughter illegitimate. Look into your crystal ball +find out how much longer before you need a lawyer. Pathetic – trying to get followers + make money off our pain. Did you really record + put up song for sale? Wow new low!”

“You’re an intuitive coach and you know my husband’s heart, mine, he talks to you …. I’m so sorry I missed all that you must be for real . What have I done again tell me I’m greedy and live off my husband? Ok could call that housewife , albeit greedy – what else ya got.”

“You embarrassed yourself with video messages that were just sent to me confirming it is you. Please be a human being use your “gift” to help – start by not hurting others for entertainment. Stop talking about minor children who are suffering a pain like none other -you’re evil.”

“There is a group of people since 2003 still attacking, they attacked Chris for years ,the same people now they think they can prey on me +our 2 children. What a sad life to have accounts + answer yourself so you feel heard and all just to hate. And to hate on kids too – pathetic.”

Members of Chris Cornell’s family have been under constant attack online since May 2017, with conspiracy theories about Chris’ death and every aspect of his life being thrown out there on YouTube, Twitter, and message boards, with Chris’ children even being victims, with Toni Cornell receiving the brunt of the attacks.