Chris Cornell ‘Yelled’ At Employee Night He Died


Chris Cornell’s guitar tech Vincent Dennis discussed Chris yelling at him at Soundgarden’s final show in Detroit the night he died in a new Ultimate-Guitar interview.

The interviewer asked, “Feel free to not answer this if it’s something you’d rather not discuss, but you were on that tour with Chris during those final days. Do you recall the last thing he said to you? Do remember how/when you heard the news that he had passed away?”

Vincent responded, “That last show was kind of strange. You could tell something was up. Mind you, every Soundgarden show is very intense. I believe he actually yelled at me and another tech at that show because he could not hear himself, but he had never turned his in-ear pack on, so it was not our fault.

Then later he broke a string on the guitar which had a crazy tuning, E-E-B-B-B-E, so he wanted that fixed right away and he did not want to skip to the next song so I had to get that guitar going right away with no backup.

I was in my bunk heading to the next town when I was woken up by Ted Keedick. He said, ‘Vince, turn off your cell phone and do not talk to anyone, cause Chris just killed himself.’ What a tragic time for the music community.”