Metallica Icon Reveals ‘Wasted’ James Hetfield Photo


On Twitter recently, original Metallica bassist Ron McGovney revealed how he, James Hetfield and the group’s other members were ‘wasted and tired’ in this 1980’s era press photo for Metallica’s original incarnation known as The Young Metal Attack. This Metallica icon revealed if James Hetfield is ‘finished’ recently. McGovney wrote, “The only lineup of
@Metallica known as The Young Metal Attack. Go to their website and buy the YMA jersey. No , I don’t get anything from it. I just think that baseball jersey is really cool 😎.”

Metallica fan Samurai Joe C questioned if the bandmates were “wasted in the photo or just really tired?” To which McGovney stated: “Both”. Ron and James both looked pretty out of it, but great!

In other news revolving Metallica, fans of the group discussed their favorite opening track of a Metallica album in a recent topic within the band’s subreddit.

Lightningrider40 said: “Honestly, almost every Metallica opener is great even though few are their album’s flagship track ‘[Enter] Sandman’ and ‘Fuel’ being the obvious exceptions). I’d say my favorite is either ‘Battery’, ‘Blackened’ or ‘[Enter] Sandman.'”

Moppyploppy replied: “One thing they do really well is opening tracks. Personal favorites are ‘Blackened’, ‘Battery’, ‘[Enter] Sandman’, and ‘Fuel’ but now that I’m thinking about it the Upfront track is always great.”

This Metallica member was spotted drunk at Disneyland. In keeping with the pattern of things, RatedStinger wrote: “Yeah it’s really hard to choose between ‘Battery’, ‘Fight Fire With Fire’, ‘Blackened’, and ‘That Was Just Your Life’, which is underrated in my opinion. ‘Blackened’ wins barely for me as well.”