Pearl Jam First 2020 Show Revealed: ‘It’ll Be Expensive’


Pearl Jam are rumored to kick off their summer 2020 European tour in Amsterdam, Netherlands at the Ziggo Dome, according to insider dimitrispearljam on the Ten Club board, who has been dropping major hints about the band’s summer 2020 tour plans.

PJNB said, “The estimated dates for Hyde Park are July 3rd to July 12th. Paris Lolla runs the 18th and 19th. It would not be a hard stretch of the imagination to figure out what lands in between those dates. Also Paris as a spicy show was always a guess and a wishlist for those throwing it out there and never fit the areas that Dimi hinted at since its so far west.”

One_Stone responded, “Paris might have fitted for the 120 EUR flight cost spicy2 to spicy3, if Budspest is considered spicy2 there are not a lot of others in this category…

But with the given info it might be: Imola – indoors north east – London BST – spicy1,2,3 (Lodz, Budapest, ?) – Paris Lolla.”

CopperTom said, “Great work guys! Would the earlier group look like…18 Amsterdam. 19-21 Pinkpop. 23 City not visited since 1992? 25 Berlin. 26-28 Stockholm. 30 Copenhagen? 2 or 3 Rock Werchter.”

A huge Pearl Jam festival rumor also leaked. One_Stone responded, “I think that’s a pretty good guess. Not sure about PinkPop (except ‘south of Ansterdam’ I haven’t seen anything supporting it + if City not visited since 1992 is in Germany that would negate PinkPop, as only one country gets two shows) but it could as well be Amsterdam on 21st for the start of tour and the rest fits.

I’d probably put Copenhagen on 29th and another show (no idea where – Prague? Vienna?) before Werchter.

Vienna after Imola feels a bit off to me. Dimi said it’s also spicy and while I love Vienna there was a show in 2014 there so propably not that unique… For me still Ljubeljana in that spot. (Dimi said ‘north east if my geography is right’ indicating a little uncertainty – I think at least determining if Ljubeljana is north of Imola without looking it up is way more difficult than Vienna).”

darwinstheory chimed in, “Dimi has been much quieter lately. Makes me think the guesswork is getting much more accurate.”

Kusy wrote, “And we all know they will play Ziggo.” dimitrispearljam responded, “Ziggo is great place for tour to start.” He later said, “As I said…save money, will be expensive..” A massive Pearl Jam and Guns N’ Roses show rumor leaked a couple weeks ago.