Chris Cornell’s Bandmate Reveals What He Wishes He Called About Night He Died


Chris Cornell’s guitarist from the Carry On and Scream tours Pete Thorn posted the following message on Instagram:

“Kinda can’t stop thinking about this guy the last few days. Why’d you have to go, dude? Wish you’d just picked up the phone and rapped with me about guitars, and music, and politics and anything. I’m sure basically every one that knew you (and didn’t know you) feels that way.”

Chris is obviously still on the mind of his widow Vicky Cornell as well, who recently tweeted a fan about where she is at in her grieving process.

“Far from moved on . I have only found strength to live for my kids and my husband, as I know that’s what he would want. I have also found strength by helping others- by sharing I can only hope something good comes from the horror of his death and the daily heartache we endure.”

“During the most tragic times, as human beings we are more resilient than we ever imagined. As a mother I put my children first. I live for my babies, I find strength for them and their little hearts. That is my only job, they are my reason and they are their father’s legacy.”