Tool Reveal What They Really Think About A Perfect Circle’s New Album


Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan celebrated his 54th birthday on Monday, and his Tool bandmates sent him a touching birthday message where they reacted to the release of A Perfect Circle’s new album Eat the Elephant and claimed ‘we are next.’

Tool tweeted, “Happy 54th Birthday to our Brother, @mjkeenan. & congrats on the 1st @aperfectcircle release in 14 yrs. April 20th #eattheelephant #wearenext #tooltime #fourtwenty … @billyhowerdel.”

Maynard James Keenan, “Thank you, guys. Your level of support for my extended world is inspiring.”

Keenan also tweeted on his birthday:

“Wondering what to get Gramps for my 54th? Probably not but just in case. … Out 4-20. @amoebamusic @stinkweeds @ZiaRecords @puscifer @aperfectcircle #eattheelephant.”

“Venaus, Italy, from where my Italian blood flows (Great Grandfather ‘Spirito’ Marzo) has been evacuated due to a severe winter Avalanche. Save your thoughts & prayers. SEND WINE!! …”

Tool have posted the following sales pitch for their upcoming $500 music clinics:


First of all, KUDOS to those Tool enthusiasts who realize the unique opportunity of the upcoming music clinics and have secured their spot for the experience. As you might imagine, there has been a great response to these intimate forums and the limited number of tickets available to ToolArmy members went really fast. As of my writing this, there are still a small number of tickets for sale to the general public and these can be purchased via the links below. Again, I urge you to act fast so as not to miss out – the clinics also include a damn near personal performance of songs followed by the dissections of the tunes by its composers!

From email that I’ve received, it appears that some of you aren’t sure what exactly these clinics entail, and have been comparing them with the Meet and Greets hosted by Adam Jones in the past. As special as those events were, rest assured that the clinics are designed to be on an entirely different level. As advertised, “A rare immersive dissection and performance with DANNY CAREY, JUSTIN CHANCELLOR & ADAM JONES,” here’s your chance to gain insight as to how the Tool machine works. Just about everything’s on the table: methods and processes behind the writing and arranging of their critically acclaimed albums, individual vision that goes into the overall mix of things, artistic and philosophical concepts behind their distinctive stage projections, videos, etc., as well as their thoughts on the current recording process. But, you’ve got the green light to change things up – questions need not be of a technical nature; ask about their personal musical preferences and other subjects of interest. Believe me, they are varied!

So, while you are there – seize the moment. Connect. Interact. Whether you’re an aspiring or seasoned musician… or just someone who appreciates the band members and wants to know what makes them tick. Ask that one question that you never thought you’ve have the chance to. Intermingle like you’re backstage. Chat with Tool about anything now that you will be among the very few people that ever have the opportunity to do so

This is also your chance to view up-close rare Tool memorabilia and receive exclusive commemorative merch that only you are privy to.