Chris Cornell’s Daughter Shares Heartbreaking Photo: ‘This Picture Breaks My Heart’


Chris Cornell’s daughter Toni Cornell shared a photo from the March For Our Lives on her photography Instagram page.

She wrote, “This picture breaks my heart. As a thirteen year old girl going to school, I believe that it needs to be a place that feels like a second home. No child should feel unsafe in their school! It’s sad that a mass shooting had to happen and 17 beautiful lives had to be lost in order for people to take action. This shouldn’t have happened in the first place.(I did not take this picture. Credit goes to the owner) #enoughisenough”

She also wrote, “It is easier for a child to get their hands on a gun instead of a book. That needs to change NOW, and it’s so incredible to see so many people come together and demand it!(Not my photo either. Credits to the owner).”

She also shared a post by Josh Brolin, “The safety of women and children comes before everything. That is what maturity is built on, not selfish desires. I agree, the guns don’t shoot themselves, but finally the calling out by children for children humbles us and makes us realize that our government is not doing what they have said they would: protect our citizens. Things happen, but uncorrected, we become defined as nothing. No more. Be a government for your people. Keep experimenting until we stop this most recent bloodbath of the past 10-15 years. You tell me: what’s changed?”