Eddie Vedder Reveals Why America Has Too Much Gun ‘Shit’


Pearl Jam wrapped up their South American tour in Sao Paulo, Brasil on Saturday night, and Eddie Vedder discussed the March For Our Lives, which protested for gun control in the United States.

“Today in the United States is a very important day because all the youth took to the streets in the millions in order to claim that they have the right in their schools to be safe from gun violence. In this world, they are so ready to take on, and they are changing that world for the better, and we are so proud because up to this point nobody has been able to do it, and finally they have been able to gather, and they have the support of many many of the adults as well to push this through.

Finally, we are going to see some change in the United States based on how many guns are out there, and how safe they are at all times, and how safe we can feel on the streets. We are so proud of them, my family was there in Washington DC, and I’m so proud of them.

It had to happen, and I know that our countries are a little bit similar, we have a little bit too much of that shit going on, and it’s got to stop. It’s such a beautiful life, with such beautiful people, and such a beautiful fragile planet, we have to do everything we can to protect it. We dedicate this one to them, it’s called ‘Can’t Deny Me.'”

Below is a photo Pearl Jam shared on their Instagram.


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