Chris Cornell’s Widow Emotionally Reveals What She Sees In Chester Bennington’s Babies


Late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s widow Talinda recently tweeted out a photo of herself and her daughter from two weeks before Chester’s death. Talinda wrote, “Looking @ this pic & it feels like I'm looking at a stranger. Wondering if I'll ever have that look of pure joy in my eyes again?.”

Late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky responded, “I see it every time you look at your babies . I love you T.” You can see the emotional photo below.

Speaking to U.K.’s Kerrang! magazine, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis recently said about Bennington: “I understand depression and everything [Chester] was going through. It’s always the seemingly happy, sweetest ones that are hurting the most. It’s a terrible disease that can make things feel unbearable. When I found out what had happened, I didn’t even have the words.

“I loved his smile,” Jonathan continued. “I always looked forward to seeing him. If we were playing at a festival together, he’d make a point to come and find me, which I always appreciated. Chester’s was an amazing journey to watch. I loved that kid.”

Davis also talked about how Chester’s contributions played a major role in the way Linkin Park’s music connected deeply with the band’s millions of fans. “His lyrics hit home and were very relatable,” Jonathan said. “On a lyrical level, Chester touched upon a lot of things that people feel, and when you experience that with music, it’s a release. When you’re helping so many people, you can sometimes forget about yourself. We’re like superheroes to kids that are hurting — we’re supposed to be the living proof that things will get better. There should be more Chesters in the world.”