Tool Confirm They Have Recorded New Version Of Classic Song, Release Teaser


Tool guitarist Adam Jones wrote on Instagram that the band have recorded a new version of one of their classic songs.

“We recorded a new version of Opiate not too long ago. We wrote a different break down that’s about five minutes longer in the middle of the song. I believe there are recent live versions of it online. @dominic_hailstone_ did an (unreleased) Ultimate Video for it. Anyway here’s a clip of me messing with sounds for the distant Synth Melody. *Enjoy ❤️ #Tool #opiate ~”

Tool have been working on a new album for years, their most recent album was 2006’s 10,000 Days. While working on his own long gestating album, Axl Rose had his at the time new Guns N’ Roses lineup record a new version of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” for the film Big Daddy in 1999. Rose told MTV that GNR had re-recorded the entire Appetite for Destruction album.

“I have re-recorded ‘Appetite,’ We recorded all, with the exception of two songs, because we replaced those with ‘You Could Be Mine’ and ‘Patience’ and why do that? Well, we had to rehearse them anyway to be able to perform them live again, and there were a lot of recording techniques and certain subtle styles and drum fills and things like that that are kind of ’80s signatures that subtly could use a little sprucing up… a little less reverb and a little less double bass and things like that.”