Chris Cornell’s Widow Gives Money To Fan For Awesome Reason: ‘You Will Survive’


A fan named Sheriann Baker tweeted Vicky Cornell a link to her GoFundMe to fund her cancer treatment, “#cancer #cancersucks #cancerfighter #cancerthriver Help me beat this!”

Vicky responded, “My prayers are with u. You will beat it u will survive. Please help fund Sheriann she’s reached half her goal #cancerfighter #keepthepromise.” Vicky then donated $1,000.

Sheriann wrote on Facebook, “OMG!!!!!!!!!! Vicky Cornell just donated to my gofundme! We follow each other on twitter. OMG! I can’t believe it! I am in shock right now! OMG! Can you guys believe it!”

TheGoFundMe campaign states, “On June 18th of this year out of the blue I had a Grand Mal seizure. After 2 months of being told I had a stroke I found out I have Cancer a Grade 2 Glioma Brain Tumor. I am 48. I don’t smoke, rarely drink and have worked out almost every day for 27 years. My Neurosurgeon, Dr. Kelly says I have 5 to 10 years on average to live. This is devastating news to me! I have chosen to have brain surgery on Oct 3rd in Calgary. After my surgery I will need to have radiation and then chemo. I am hoping for a miracle and that I wont need either. In the mean time I am fighting for my life. I am doing everything I can to change that diagnoses but it’s not cheap. I am not working and I feel terrible that all my costs are falling on Scott so I have decided to reach out. I hate to ask but anything would be greatly appreciated. “Thanks for reading. Please donate, and spread the word to a few people you’d like to share my story with!”