New Pearl Jam Film Isn’t What You’re Expecting: ‘There’s A Notable Appearance By Sports Icon’


The Music have up a review of Danny Clinch’s new Pearl Jam film Let’s Play Two, and it says that the movie is not a concert film.

“Firstly, it’s important to clarify from the start, if you’re walking into this with the expectation that this will be a film showcasing the band’s performance, you’ll be disappointed. The same if you’re expecting this to be a documentary about the band and where they’re at in their career. If you want those, please refer back to Live At The Garden and PJ20. Instead, what’s offered is a film about frontman Eddie Vedder and his lifelong relationship with his beloved Cubs, an obsession that began as a four-year-old attending games with his uncle.”

The review later states, “Amongst the story of the Cubs comes funny moments shared between the band and their friends. There’s a notable appearance from the Chicago Bulls’ Dennis Rodman, and a touching moment with former NFL player Steve Gleason.

What Clinch achieves with Let’s Play Two will challenge Pearl Jam fans, and you know what, after 25+ years maybe we need it. ‘It’s not all about winning or losing. It’s not. It’s about the journey,’ says Vedder of his Cubs before their triumphant Game 7 victory. Maybe that’s the message to take along with you throughout Let’s Play Two; go on the journey, ride the wave and maybe you’ll be rewarded with a trophy in the form of a new perspective about a man and band you thought you knew so well already.”

Rogers Movie Nation states, “‘Let’s Play Two’ is another peak moment for America’s most popular stadium band. Photographer Danny Clinch and a film crew capture Vedder’s Chicago homecoming and the Seattle band’s victory lap in a city which helped nurture them as they were just breaking out in the early ’90s.

There’s backstage banter, a rooftop rehearsal/jam session at the popular Murphy’s Bleachers Wrigley-side pub and a lot of Eddie in Cubs gear, in the stands or in a sky box, diligently keeping a score card. He first visited the park “45 years ago,” when his favorite player was Jose Cardenal.”