Production Company Is Pissed At Guns N’ Roses: ‘F*ck Them!’


4C4 Media, who filmed Guns N’ Roses’ first reunion show at the Troubadour in April 2016, is not happy with Guns N’ Roses. They said the band wouldn’t hire them to film at Dodger Stadium, and when the cheaper production people they hired screwed up, GNR wanted their help.

They wrote on Vimeo, “thank you…and then when the big money shows came around,,,they didn’t even take our calls and then agreed with tour promoters to use their in house people (always cheap) hired a company for Dodger Stadium who brought in a “FlyPac” to record the show. A FlyPac” is what news outlets use to do live shots from intentional distentions. Occasionally they are used as switchers for multi-camera shoots…3 cameras at most. (Dodger Stadium???? Three cameras..????) The Production company called me when they knew they were in trouble..,it was my time to not pick up the phone, Fuck them.”

Watch 4C4’s work from the Troubadour show below.

Guns N Roses; Troubadour Show from 4C4 Media on Vimeo.