Chris Cornell’s Widow Opens Up About ‘The Truth’ And Her Pain


A fan wrote to Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky on Twitter, “I know that look. It’s the look one only dawns when they can see their heart beating in another person. He is so very happy.”

Vicky responded, “What I wouldn’t give for one more moment of him adoringly gazing at me. My heart misses him so and the truth is -I just want my husband back.”

Vicky’s mother Toni Karayiannis recently wrote on Instagram about Chris and Vicky’s wedding.

“Happy memories! Brunch next morning after the wedding! Chris with his bandmates, his family as he called them, celebrating his new beginning as he said! Mrs. Cornell carrying gold! God, blessed them with children one night after the other! He couldn’t wait! And here comes the son! Christopher Nicholas Cornell!

He said now I feel complete! His son, his pride, and his joy, his family! And of course his Vicky! Everything is all about Vicky! His new bride, his new love, his new beginning! That’s a fairytale! #legend #icon #vickycornell #soproudofyou #chriscornell #theloveofmylife as they both said! To each other every day!”