Guns N’ Roses’ Slash & Duff McKagan Allegedly ‘Not Allowed’ To Talk To ‘Anyone From Their Past’


Ex-Guns N’ Roses manager Vicky Hamilton was asked in a new interview on the Guns N’ Roses podcast if she had spoken to Slash recently, and she responded by claiming that Slash and Duff aren’t allowed to talk to anyone from GNR’s past. Alternative Nation transcribed her comments.

“No. They are not allowed to talk to anyone from their past since they started this tour, and clearly I am part of the past.”

She was then asked if it was part of the gag order.

“Yeah, I believe so. I don’t know exactly what’s in the gag order, but I know they aren’t talking to anyone from the past.”

A co-host then asked if she had spoken to Izzy Stradlin recently.

“I have not, but I have friends who have spoken to Izzy.”

“I think he’s doing good, he doesn’t want to be found, so I’m not going to tell you where he is.”

“I hear he’s doing some new demos, so that will be interesting to hear.”

She also discussed seeing GNR on the Not In This Lifetime tour live.

“It was the first time I had seen them in an arena, and it was pretty amazing. They had all of the bells and whistles and all of that stuff. I mean clearly I would have liked it if they had Izzy and Steven in the band, but it was good.”

She added regarding Slash and Axl reuniting, “I didn’t really think it would happen, honestly.”