Chris Cornell’s Widow Reveals Why Final Call ‘Will Stay With Me Forever’


Vicky Cornell discussed her husband Chris Cornell’s death in a new Seattle Times article. The article refers to, “that phone call, when Chris Cornell told her through slurry words that he had taken a couple of extra Ativan for anxiety after performing a Soundgarden show in Detroit on May 17. After they hung up, Vicky Cornell called security to check on him.”

“Chris’ passing was so sudden,” Vicky Cornell said via email the other day. “It came with no warning except in that last call, which will stay with me forever.”

“I understand everyone is looking for answers that make sense to us. The truth is, it will never make sense. Because it wasn’t meant to happen.”

Cornell has committed $100,000 toward the Chris Cornell Music Therapy Program at the Seattle nonprofit Childhaven to help children who are abused and neglected.

“Chris was always interested in protecting traumatized children who had suffered physical or psychological abuse,” Vicky Cornell said. “He always felt music was a way to heal even neurological and emotional conditions.

“His promise was to help the most vulnerable children,” she continued. “My vow now is to keep his promise, and what better way to honor Chris and his hometown than by creating a music program to help these babies heal.”