Pearl Jam New Album ‘Gigaton’ Leaks, Is It Terrible?


Pearl Jam played their new album Gigaton early for fans in Los Angeles a couple of nights ago, with Eddie Vedder appearing at the event, and a fan leaked the first review on the Ten Club board. Howard Stern just revealed what’s wrong with Pearl Jam.

CannitUnit wrote, “The energy of the first 2 songs. Just fun rocking out Pearl Jam songs. I woke up with the chorus of ‘Who Ever Said’ playing in my head. They aren’t screamers. They are pumped up driving songs. They both feel familiar but refreshing. The crowd went ape shit after Who Ever Said. And Super Blood is a continuation of that type of song. They are both really similar.

Who Ever Said, Super Blood, Dance, 7 O’Clock, Retrograde, and River Cross were the clear standouts for me. They are those Pearl Jam gems (and RHINESTONES) fans want. River Cross is one of their most satisfying album closers to date. It sounds nothing like Indifference but it gives you that same type of closure.

The album isn’t a Yield, which I think is even and very consistent. Some of these tracks will divide fans, but everyone will find a lot of love. It’s not Lightning Bolt 2.0 but some of LB’s best elements are found in here. The production is STELLAR. It’s huge. Melts all over you. It’s layered but not over polished. Ed sounds great. Raspy and powerful. The overall production is different. Unique and rewarding.

More about specific tracks: 7 O’Clock and Retrograde are both similar, anthem type songs. Both have soaring choruses. They both sound poppy so I think some who didn’t like Sirens will be turned off. But they both sound like the last part of the Eddie track Better Days. They don’t sound like that exactly, but they have very similar feelings.

But again, the 1-2-3 punch of Who Ever Said, Super Blood, and Dance. Home run. Track 4 has potential too. All 4 songs felt like they could open a show. It’s great and I have a feeling it will get better with time. There is a lot to dissect.” A new Pearl Jam song recently leaked with a Nine Inch Nails surprise.