Chris Cornell’s Widow Shares ‘Gutwrenching’ Story About Bullies Leading To A Suicide


You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky recently shared a sad New York Post story about bullies turning on the parents of a teenager who died by suicide, after bullies had driven the teen herself to suicide. Vicky wrote, “Gutwrenching- where does such cruelty come from? Even after such tragedy no empathy at all? We’re in trouble. Prayers for this angel + family.” Internet trolls have bullied Vicky Cornell since her husband Chris’ suicide in May.

When 13-year-old Rosalie Avila attempted suicide after constant bullying, her parents thought they’d seen the worst — until they started getting bullied themselves.

Charlene and Freddie Avila from Loma Linda, California, found their daughter hanging in her bedroom last week with a suicide note saying she was “sorry,” reports said. Rosalie had been bullied repeatedly for years and the pain finally became too much to handle, CBS Los Angeles reported.

“They told me I was ugly today,” father Freddie recalled reading from Rosalie’s journal, according to the outlet.

“They were making fun of me today about my teeth,” the distraught father went on.

Rosalie’s parents rushed her to a local hospital, where she’s been on a ventilator ever since. They plan to take her off Monday night and donate her organs.

As if losing their daughter from bullying wasn’t enough pain to handle, the parents started getting bullied after the attempted suicide.

The parents received a meme on social media with Rosalie’s face that read “hey mom. Next time don’t tuck me in this,” next to a made bed, Rosalie’s smiling face to the right. Right underneath, the meme reads “Tuck me in THIS,” next to an open grave with Rosalie’s face photoshopped onto a boy’s body, which is pointing at the open grave.

Mom Charlene called the bullies “heartless.”

“For you to do that, I mean, you’re heartless … you have no compassion.”

Father Freddie said he gave his daughter’s journal to the police but that the school hasn’t done enough to prevent tragedies like these.

“I did everything I’m supposed to do as a father, and these people did not respond, because those bullies are still at the school,” Freddie said.

“They’re still there, and my daughter’s gone.”

  • Olga Stewart

    What those other students did to that girl was beyond horrible.

    And to then do the same to her parents?

    Oh, and also to create that meme?

    That is beyond sick.

    I am so very sorry that these parents have lost their daughter. And my heart very much goes out to them.

    As for the bullies?

    They need to be held accountable for what they did.

  • GS Page

    the story is sad. she is a sick-o

  • Kay B

    Internet trolls have bullied Vicky Cornell since her husband Chris’ suicide in May.
    Give me a break. She is making her dead husband out to be a relapsed druggie.

    Awful story. Bullying is never ok. I feel for the parents that have to put up with the bullshit. Where are these other kids parents? I’d like to slap their mothers. Teach your kids well or don’t be a parent.

  • Brooke Kelley

    Nobody is bullying Vicky.

    • Carrie Walker

      She is just showing her guilt. Maybe her bullying of her man should be looked into!He might still be with us if not for her.

  • Antionettesees

    I’m very sad for this young girl. She was a innocent child, who had her whole life ahead of her. She didn’t have to die to escape those loser kids at school. I wish she knew that.

  • And

    Fucking trolls and fucking millenials. God, I hate living in the XXI Century