Eddie Van Halen Disturbing Onstage Meltdown Revealed By Big Name


SiriusXM host Eddie Trunk recently discussed Sammy Hagar and Eddie Van Halen’s feud over the years, and he discussed Eddie’s onstage meltdowns from the 2004 Van Halen tour, including a bizarre incident where he brought his doctor onstage. Eddie Van Halen later got sober in the years following the tour. Alternative Nation transcribed Trunk’s comments.

Trunk: If you went to see Van Halen with Sammy [Hagar] as I did, you’d be lying to yourself, you’d be kidding yourself if you did not agree that Eddie [Van Halen] was far from top shape. Now, did he have a moment, some shows or some moments in the shows where he was good? I’m sure he probably did. However, what Sammy wrote in the book about that tour, his condition, and Eddie’s condition is one-hundred percent accurate.

I don’t say that because of my friendship with Sammy, I say it because I saw it, I was at the shows, I watched Eddie Van Halen seemingly play different songs than the rest of the band when they came out of the stage. I saw Eddie Van Halen bring out his cancer doctors who had just beat his tongue cancer. and thanked them while he smoked a cigarette. So, this is years ago and everybody has their moments, issues and what have you but people that just think Sammy was making that stuff up? You weren’t there! You didn’t live it, I saw it. I sat in the Meadowlands Arena and watched it for myself.

Trunk continues:

Trunk: So I think the book played a role but I’m sure if Eddie’s being honest and I have no idea what his condition is, I hear it’s good and that’s really, really great to hear but if he’s being honest he would be able to say: ‘yeah I was not really is a good place at that time, I was out of my mind at that time, I was having problems at that time. Personal, mental, addiction, whatever.’