Coldplay Honor Chris Cornell In Seattle With “Black Hole Sun” Tribute


Coldplay frontman Chris Martin teased Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” during a performance in Seattle last night to honor Chris Cornell.

Dave Grohl discussed Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington in a new Rolling Stone Australia interview.

If security concerns are a sobering topic, they pale in comparison with the news that broke on the morning of this interview that Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington had taken his own life, on the same day that Chris Cornell — who committed suicide on May 18th — would have turned 53. Cornell and Grohl had been friends since their days in the Seattle scene, and he directed the video for “By Crooked Steps” off Soundgarden’s 2012 album, King Animal. Mention of Cornell’s name and how his passing affected Grohl finds the normally verbose and upbeat frontman struggling for words, his voice breaking audibly. “God, it’s so hard to even talk about, I get… he, um… He was such a sweet person. It really hit me because… well, for a lot of different reasons, but I just instantly missed him. We weren’t best friends, but we were friends, and there’s something about that connection that a lot of Seattle musicians had that was deeper than distance or time. When you bump into a member of one of the bands that exploded in the early Nineties from Seattle, we all had this common bond. It didn’t matter if you were drinking buddies or would just bump into each other once a year on the road, you just had something in common. And that was a chaotic time for everyone to make their way through, and some of them survived, and some of them didn’t. And I felt like we had gotten to the point where everyone had made it through… well, most of us had made it through, and…”

He sighs.

“It just broke my fucking heart, man. And… the other thing that really affected me was thinking about his band members, because… that’s a long, hard road, man. You know? Fuck, so sad. I’m still sad about it. And then today I just heard that fucking [Chester Bennington] had died. God, it makes me so fucking sad that we’re here, we’re blessed enough to have this life filled with music, and I just wish that everybody could grab a hold of that and find happiness. Or peace. I understand these things are much more complicated, but it really breaks my fucking heart.”