Corey Feldman Talks New Corey Haim-Inspired Song ‘U R Free’


Photo: Everett Collection

Former child actor and legend of 80’s cinema, Corey Feldman, recently cracked the Billboard Charts for the first time. His new single, “U R Free”, landed at #19 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.

Freelance writer Doug McCausland recently spoke to Feldman about the song and its sister documentary, My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys. Feldman alleges several individuals, including actor Charlie Sheen, took part in Feldman and fellow actor Corey Haim’s childhood abuse. Sheen has denied the allegations. Feldman’s doc and allegations against several individuals within the film industry are part of a wider “Kids 2” movement, aimed at bringing the same energy of the “Me Too” movement into the realm of child abuse.

Feldman says: “We are very excited about this song; it is very poignant and important for me. It is a private message to Corey Haim. To the world at large, it is a message to all survivors of abuse. That message is: we no longer have to tolerate being told to stay silent. As of this moment, ‘Kids 2’ is a reality. Laws are being changed as we speak. You are free to live your life. To be who you want to be, as you move on from the past.”

When the song was compared to being something like a Broadway tune meets Michael Jackson, Feldman replied enthusiastically: “MJ is the person who I still consider to be the greatest solo artist of all time.”

Doug’s full interview with Feldman will be published soon.