Corey Taylor Snaps After Terrible Slipknot Departure Report


Corey Taylor recently addressed criticism regarding the transformation of Slipknot with lineup changes over the last decade, including the death of Paul Gray and departure Joey Jordison. A Slipknot member recently revealed how he brutally disrespected Corey Taylor.

Metal Hammer addressed criticisms that have come up since 2014’s .5 The Gray Chapter era, saying that some believe Slipknot have lost their edge. They wrote about what critics, “Had the band become a dictatorship led by Corey? With Paul and beloved drummer Joey Jordison, two of the men that played such a huge part in shaping Slipknot, both gone, had the heart of the band been ripped out?”

“Don’t think I didn’t hear all those things,” Corey Taylor snaps when Metal Hammer talk to the vocalist. “I read every little thing. If any of those conversations happened in front of you in real life, then someone would have got smacked the fuck out.”

Slipknot recently posted a 17-second teaser for a new song off of their new We Are Not Your Kind album, set for release on August 9th through Roadrunner Records. Corey Taylor sings in the teaser clip, “Today, up on this hill, I’m counting all the killers ….” The video shows the word “Monday,” hinting that the full song will be made available sometime on July 22nd.