Eddie Van Halen Rejects Touring For Stunning Reason


Eddie Van Halen’s wife Janie Van Halen posted a photo of herself looking flexible while dancing on Saturday night, leading to Van Halen fans concluding that Eddie hasn’t bitten on reunion tour with Michael Anthony offers so he can spend more time with his stunningly beautiful wife.

She wrote, “When u r super bored on a Saturday night, what do u do – Dance the Night Away 😂 #dancinwithmyself.”

A fan responded, “Ok, now I totally get why Ed isn’t touring. 😍”

Janie shot back, “😂😂😂.”

Janie Van Halen was recently injured, writing along with a photo, “Ice, Tylenol, rest. #dammit #wth #injuryprone #sostupid.” Eddie’s son Wolfgang Van Halen recently reacted to being credit for a Van Halen album that featured Michael Anthony on bass.

Eddie Van Halen recently wrote on Instagram, “Happy 4th Of July! #july #july4th #happy4th #4thofjuly #music #fireworks #sky #bbq #family #sun #friends.”

Wolfgang Van Halen sarcastically commented, “Happy 4th, Pop!! 🎊🎉🎈 DO SOMETHING FOR ME OR ELSE! YOU OWE ME! HOW DARE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE BUT SERVE ME!”

perrysaysgrr didn’t get the joke, commenting in response, “@wolfvanhalen literally biting the hand that feeds. We regular people are lined up offering love and encouragement to everyone in your family! We aren’t entitled, we aren’t leeches. We absolutely love the feelings and memories Van Halen gives us, and why wouldn’t we want more of that happiness?? Our enthusiasm is a gift. I’m sorry if it doesn’t always come across that way! ❤️”

Wolfgang shot back, “WE’RE SUPER SERIOUS GUYS! (angry emoji)”