AC/DC Huge 2019 Announcement Video Finally Leaks


AC/DC have announced a 40th anniversary Highway to Hell celebration with a new video on Instagram. The band wrote, “Celebrate with us all month long! ⚡️ #H2H40.” They did not announce any tour or reissue plans yet though. A Guns N’ Roses insider recently made a surprising revelation about Brian Johnson returning to the band to replace Brian Johnson.

CliffFINmark2 posted on, “Now I got it: The ‘using Mals’ parts for the new album are actually Vault pieces from HTH. These bits were structured to a few tracks. We gonna have a 40 year version of the album with these few new songs.”

Wholelottatobe wrote, “Back in Black was released almost exactly one year after HTH. If they release HTH with some extra content(new?) I am sure they would do the same with BIB next summer. Those are their biggest albums, and could be celebrated jointly on one big final tour starting this year, and ending after summer of 2020.”

Gentox66 said, “I think they’re gonna play a special show where they play a full HTH set plus a few classics, just like Priest did with British Steel, or Megadeth with Rust in Peace. Then a farewell tour in 2020.”

Grim177 chimed in, “The next months worth of AC/DC FB posts.

Highway To Hat
Girls Got Raincoat
Watch All Over You
Thong Too Much
Beating Around The Balaclava
Shot Down In Fleece
Get It Headscarf
If You Want Bandanas (You’ve Got Them)
Lingerie Hungry Man
Night PJ’s.”

New AC/DC 2020 tour rumors have surfaced with a major tour announcement date surfacing, and one new rumored show is a major stadium performance in Munich, Germany.

slammerjam posted on the forums, “I have never posted this here, because a) I can’t prove anything and b) it might be that someone misheard something. But anyway…I know some people that work for a concert promoter in Germany. Some months ago I got the info that a Munich show is being booked or at least the venue is being reserved (for summer 2020). I guess reserving stadiums for potential dates far in advance is probably normal practice (whether or not the show takes place), so I didn’t think much about it…but with the recent rumours of a tour next year, maybe it was indeed true.”