Stone Temple Pilots Singer Legal Agreement Leaks With Surprising Details


Two sources have shared details with Alternative Nation regarding Stone Temple Pilots’ nondisclosure agreements that singers who auditioned for the band signed. The singers signed over unrestricted rights to the ‘Artist’s Appearance,’ which includes their voice, likeness, name, biography, and performances, to Stone Temple Pilots. STP also had the right to alter, edit or not use the ‘Artist’s Appearance.’

The agreement also states, “Artist hereby releases the Group, STP Partnership and their designees from any liability, claims and actions which Artist now has or may have in connection with Artist’s Appearance, including without limitation, claims for libel, defamation, invasion of privacy, publicity or personality, false light, infliction of emotional distress, negligence, damage or loss to any personal property, loss of income, or any other tort or contract or other cause of action arising out of Artist’s Appearance.

Artist covenants not to bring any legal action against the Group, the STP Partnership, or their designees arising out Artist’s Appearance or the exploitation thereof on any legal theory, and expressly agrees that any claims Artist could make will be limited to actions at law, with waiver or any claim to a remedy for equitable relief, including without limitation the right to rescind, nullify or enjoin the rights granted herein to use Artist’s Appearance for any purpose whatsoever.”

Stone Temple Pilots were filming the audition process, so having auditioning singers sign a legal agreement especially due to the secretive nature of the project is par for the course. Stone Temple Pilots will reveal their new singer at a show in Hollywood at the Troubadour on November 14th. The band are also planning the release of a new single, followed by a new album.