Courtney Love Reveals Why Kurt Cobain Was ‘Superman’ And ‘Created A Miracle’


Courtney Love wrote on Instagram regarding her late husband Kurt Cobain, “Marvel and DC may have their fictional superheros but there was one real superhero that blessed all our lives especially mine. we even created a miracle, our baby and love of our lives Frances @space_witch666 I love you Bean, I love you Kurt my personal #superman #legend #kurtcobain #angel #francesbeancobain #love #loveconquersall #family #stayingstrong #blessed ?❤️.”

Courtney Love did an Instagram live video a few weeks ago, and was asked if she could perform Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun.” Love did not think she could do the song well.

“I don’t think we could do ‘Black Hole Sun’ really well.”

Love wrote on Facebook in May, “Chris such a gent. So lovely always to me. Not like the other boys. I’m bummed and saddened for his family and band.”

Fans also asked her to come play live in numerous countries and cities, Love told fans she would need to be paid well.

“Brazil, that’s where they pay the most. I’d love to come to Brazil to play music.”

“Pay me to come to Mexico, and I’ll come to Mexico. Pay me to come to Boston, and I’ll come to Boston.”

“Come to Kuwait? You’re really going to have to pay me for that darling.”

She said she can’t focus on music or touring until she finishes her book, which she’s been working on for a long time. She told Cape Cod Times.

“Yeah, a really long while, 15 years. I’ve had to deal with Harper’s (the publisher), and I’ve gone through several writers. The voice and the tone wasn’t right and, also, I wasn’t really ready to embrace all that stuff because there are so many peaks and valleys – so many valleys, deep, deep, deep valleys.

To put that out for the public to consume, it’s a heavy commitment. I always thought I would be one of those women who would go to the grave without ever writing a book. But it’s my narrative and I need to tell it, so I’ve grown into accepting that I want to tell it. I want to be alive when it’s published, and I want to be in control of it.”