Keith Richards Daughter Reveals Disturbing Slash Photo


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards‘ daughter Alexandra Richards recently uploaded a photo of Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash before he got sober and he was still struggling with alcoholism. Keith Richards’ wife recently revealed a Paul McCartney ‘love’ photo.

Guns N’ Roses fans recently discussed the band possibly playing “Pretty Tied Up” again after several years. KeyserSoze posted, “Now that the trend seems to be resurrecting songs from the dead, especially live and from the UYI era, Do you think the band would give this song a go given what it’s about and how Izzy Stradlin describes this chick???

I know its not everyones thing, but given how abuse has pretty much seeped its way into every fraction of society, do you think the band has chosen to steer clear of even thinking about playing this song?

It seems like this song flew under the radar when Duff was asked about the band’s past lyrics and how they still feel. I mean hell, they do play It’s So Easy every single night. Dizzy even plays a watered down version of this song with his cover band Hookers & Blow.”

Slash was recently filmed spitting near a bandmate. Soon responded, “Many others have already said it well. But there is nothing at all in PTU that should be flagged for this conversation… like, nothing. They just started playing Locomotive on the other hand which does contain some challenging lyrics.

Pretty sure they wont play PTU because its an Izzy lyric predicting everything that Guns has devolved to in NITL.”

Oldest Goat posted, “Yeah agreed and considering the context of the current political climate and the way that it’s easily misinterpreted, it probably shouldn’t be played live again. But at the same time, it’s merely a song and you have to be very careful with censoring, it’s dangerous. I only defend the song in the context of my enjoyment of it and its right to exist, I have no interest in upsetting folks going around spouting the lyrics.” Slash’s brother leaked a horrible wig photo yesterday.