AC/DC Singer Brian Johnson Bold Concert Demand Revealed


During a recent interview with Appetite for Distortion, comedian and former SNL cast member Jim Breuer tells the story of AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson called his house and asked him to do a show. Alternative Nation transcribed Breuer’s comments. Brian Johnson’s surprising remarks after his AC/DC dismissal in 2016 were revealed a few days ago.

Breuer: It wasn’t too much later where Brian Johnson called [my house] and I’ll never forget it. I was like: “This is crazy, he’s calling my house.”

Brando: Did you think it was a joke though?

Breuer: At first, until I heard his voice. I watched all the interviews in my life when Angus [Young] and Brian [Johnson], like, this was him.

Brando: You know what he sounds like.

Breuer: Oh he’s amazing. [imitating Johnson] Ah Jimmy, I seen you doin’ the hokey pokey. I seen you doin’ the hokey pokey”. Brian actually asked me to do an event for his wife which was a benefit for a non-profit theater down by where he lived and that was the beginning of getting to know Brian Johnson from AC/DC.

Breuer also revealed the real reason Johnson was asked to leave AC/DC. AC/DC are rumored to reunite for a new album and tour with the surviving ‘Back in Black’ lineup featuring Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd.

Listen to “Jim Breuer talks AC/DC, Metallica, and Axl Rose | Ep. 138” on Spreaker.