Courtney Love Reveals Sexual Harassment Claim


Courtney Love revealed that she was a #MeToo victim in Hollywood in a new social media post.

“For a few years, because of Milos Forman, I was a professional actress and a movie star.

It was fun as hell.

I was nominated for best actress, for a Golden Globe ..

One day I might talk about it .

I love acting … I stopped being capable of it after a bunch of #metoos .

No one would believe me, and it wouldn’t stop.

So I left, and it left. And I’m good with it. 🕊 Maybe, in my next life I’ll be stronger & able to endure it .. I tip my hat to those who can.
It was super fun though.

Here’s me at the @goldenglobes in a simple, navy, chiffon, gown that Ms. @sharonstone loaned me from her closet (the GOWN closet ! #properdiva) it’s @maisonvalentino.

Sharon said, “You’re acting too hip. Don’t be cool. Fuck that. You’re a great actress. Stand up straight! Be proud of your work! Be a movie star.“ When Sharon Stone is offering you movie star lessons? You take them . ❤️🙏💎❤️(@ariannephillips helped too.
Those @martinkatzjewels rocks around my neck , weren’t kidding ! 💎 !)

I love it here in England. But I sure do miss acting sometimes. To the tune of a great director. One of the greatest experiences, as a woman you can have, I think.
All the glamour that comes after that is fun, flamboyant, gorgeous ! But the trust one can achieve with a great director? It’s one of the most profound things I’ve ever known.



“@kevv_roxx .. I noticed some comments and me being , ‘banned from CAA’ over Harvey . That’s a lie . It is nonsense Sam lutfi tweeted as me when he ran my social media ( and life. Embarrassing / insanely destructive . and for another day. ) he had beef – acrimony with a partner at CAA who probably doesn’t even know who he is. And I’d like to offer an amends to that agent, Kevin .
Kevin I’m so sorry about that . ( offline tho )

Thank you for your concern. But let’s not lean into lies . Even lies about Harvey .
That’s such a simple , victim narrative . I participated PLENTY, in my own downfall .
you guys are lovely . Thanks for all the nice comments and I’m so sorry that my social media misled you with statements that aren’t true. #clearawaythewreckageofyourpast 🙏🕊❤️💎⭕️ #step9 X.”