Vicky Cornell Claims Soundgarden Lawsuit ‘Isn’t About Money’


Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky Cornell has defended her latest lawsuit against Soundgarden over financial deals behind ownership of the band’s catalog.

A fan wrote on Instagram, “Thinking of you today after seeing all the articles about the buy out as hard it is to ignore the noise. Money is not the important thing it’s the principal behind it stay true to that.”

Vicky responded, “This isn’t about money at all for me. I hope that is clear.”

Cornell’s attorney, Marty Singer, told TMZ a couple of days ago, “The band’s contention that this dispute is somehow not about the money for them is absurd and hypocritical. Of course this is about money and their greed.

They received a third party offer to buy just a portion of their interests for 16 million dollars, and yet subsequently offered to buy out Chris’ interest for a mere $278,000.”

He added, “And then Vicky offered $21 million for their shares, which they turned down – not because they wanted to preserve their life’s work but because they know that they will make even more off of future exploitation of the music that Chris wrote and the legacy that he created (which has lined their pockets for years).”