Courtney Love’s Ex-Manager Calls Frances Bean Cobain ‘Unstable’


Alleged recordings of phone conversations featuring Courtney Love’s ex-manager Sam Lufti have been uploaded to In the recordings, Lufti speaks to Frances Bean Cobain’s estranged husband Isaiah Silva’s ex-girlfriend Jessica Sullivan. Sullivan is the mother of Silva’s 7-year old daughter. Sullivan’s girlfriend Teela is also featured in some recordings.

Lufti tells Teela, “You dyke fucking bitch whore fuck. You are fucking in the streets. I don’t scare you? Don’t worry about me, my lawyers and the police are after you, so fuck you. You fucking dirty dyke.”

Teela tells Lufti in another recording, “All Jesse wants is to sit down with Frances so they can talk. They care about each other.”

Lufti responds, “Frances is too unstable to handle it. She signed over the authority to me.”