Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong On Why He Felt ‘Completely Normal’ On Drugs


Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong discussed his mindset during his 2012 cocaine binge in a new Q Magazine interview.

“The thing about someone who’s losing their mind is that they don’t know they’re losing their mind. I thought my life was completely normal. And it wasn’t. I was on drugs! And people aren’t acting rationally when they’re on drugs. So I had to take care of myself. I had to kick that, and I did.”

He also criticized the 2012 trilogy albums, “Those records have absolutely no direction to them. It was about being prolific for the sake of it. So we were just going and going.”

He also said Green Day’s new album Revolution Radio is not an ‘angry’ album, “No. It’s inspired by confusion and just trying to make some sense of where you stand in the world there’s a lot of chaos going on. That’s a big theme through all of Green Day’s history – feeling lost.”