Damon Mitchell Owns Market On Modern Day Singer-Songwriters


The music climate as we know it today is sorely, sorely lacking in the straight up melodic bliss department. With too much emphasis on soundscape and not enough on melody, an entire generation of songwriters look like they’re forgetting about the one fundamental necessity in which every great song is based’ melody. If you’re on board so far- and I’m sure you are- then I’m sure you’ll be up for what I’m about to tell you next. Elise is the new six-song EP from singer-songwriter extraordinaire Damon Mitchell. No fluff. No nonsense. No bullshit. Six downright bangers chalk-full of wicked hooks, memorable melodies and enough lyrical mastery to make your head spin.

You know that exciting, so fresh it’ll make you stand up straight kind of pop-infused rock The Beatles perfected way back when? Well on Elise, it’s safe to say we’ve found the man worthy to wave that flag proud into this generation. Album opener “Heist” kicks things off with it’s hypnotic, bouncy piano line and some wonderfully bass lines that really echo Sgt. Peppers era Beatles glory. The excellent falsetto vocal in the chorus is addictive and infectious in all the right ways.

“License Plate” oozes soulful, folk rock while keeping the melodies on high. Followed right up by “Salo”, the one-two punch of these two wonderful tracks. On their own, these two could stand as the highlight of any album they graced. But mixed in with the other tracks from Elise, they provide a great consistency that keeps things interesting while further cementing Damon Mitchell’s song-writing excellence.

In “Salo”, Mitchell sings, “There’s a bloody little corner; where the price is right” is honest to god one of the greatest lyrics I’ve heard in recent memory. The Price is Right makes a second appearence in the title track at the close of the EP. It’s a great little easter egg hidden within the album and works so well when listening to the album as a whole. Inspired and fun; two all important ingredients for great art.

Having recently performed “A Horse With No Name” with rock legends America, Damon Mitchell is quickly making a name for himself as a musical force capable of taking over the pop-rock world. It’s no easy task but with this kind of talent comes a bountiful amount of potential. Elise wonderfully attacks you and wrestles you into submission with it’s immediacy and elegance. There’s a great balance between modern-day adult contemporary and pop-driven-rock. And it all works! If you’re looking for the next singer-songwriter to monopolize your music listening, look no further. Damon Mitchell has you covered!