Robert Plant Reveals ‘Worst’ Drug Led Zeppelin Used


Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant‘s partying days are long behind him, and it seems like the worst drug high he’s gotten recently is off of marijuana at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, a festival in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Robert Plant being disrespected on a plane was recently revealed.

“I’m still stoned from the weed in the crowd,” he laughs when talking to Classic Rock magazine in a new interview. “F**kin’ hell! I was craving a snack by about song number three. What I wouldn’t have done for a tuna melt.”

“He also discussed how he is still identified of the singer of Led Zeppelin, Yeah, but no matter what happens, I have no choice. There have been great variants of another me, but whenever I read a newspaper it seems I’m still in Led Zep. I think the problem is that nobody can hear what artists who stick around are able to put out now. If you don’t go out and find it by your own volition, it’s not going to come down the normal channels. And I think a lot of people who go to gigs don’t even listen to the radio. So do you go to Spotify and see it there: ‘Robert Plant has made a new record, has he? Fancy that!'”

Jimmy Page wrote on his social media on Friday, “On this day in 1969, I played the Fillmore West in San Francisco with @ledzeppelin. With the final annihilation: out with the old, in with the new. It was now to be a blitzkrieg of America, provided by powerful shows and the underground FM radio plus an army of whispers that would see us jam-packing venues from West Coast to East Coast.”

Page calling out Robert Plant for ‘pulling an Axl Rose’ was just detailed. He also said recently, “On this day in 1977, I was travelling to South America.⁣ I intended to be in Guadalupa for New Year’s Eve but began travelling rather late and ended up en route in Mexico City, where I discovered miniatures of Mezcal Tequila – complete with worm – and the pyramids of the sun and the moon. The music on today’s homepage of my website is by exotic vocalist Yma Sumac, who is probably a reincarnated Priestess of the Inca, and it provides mystery and ritual.⁣”

You can read the full Robert Plant interview at Classic Rock.