Pearl Jam Member Mourns Tragic Loss And Shares Collaboration With Chris Cornell’s Brother


A few years ago, former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese drummed on Peter Cornell’s album Champion. Peter is the brother of late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, and was a musician himself in the 90’s Seattle music scene. Peter played in Inflatable Soul with his sisters Katy and Suzy Cornell.

Abbruzzese recently shared a rare promo video for the album and discussed Champion on Facebook as he mourned the loss of his beloved dog MingMing, who was present for the recordings.

“I love this record. Thanks again to Mr. Peter Cornell for allowing me the pleasure of working so hard on it! Also, it couldn’t have happened without Jay Roesle, Rick St Clair, Mike Watters and the animal lovers at LibertyGrove Studio.

A hearty shout out Mr. Michael Novotny and my bestest buddy ever, the late but ever to remain so great MingMing the wonderdog.”

Abruzzese further mourned the loss of MingMing in a comment, “I have been trying to make the announcement and memorialize Ming… She has recently exited stage right and is off to the great beyond.”

He also shared a link to Peter Cornell’s “Madman” music video: “If you ever wanted to hear my drum sound. Here they are. Enjoy.”

  • Olga Stewart

    Oh man but Peter has a great voice.

    And I wish that he and Chris could have recorded something together.

    • Leslie

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    • Trovoid

      Me too. I hope he and Dave continue to record together at least.