Dave Abbruzzese Stunned By Eddie Vedder Ticket Prices


It’s safe to say that everyone has been stunned by ticket prices as of late – especially those who follow Eddie Vedder and his very long career of making great music. That said, even those who were once so close to Eddie Vedder just can’t agree with the man who once made it a life goal to demonize ticket prices. Is Eddie Vedder to blame in all of this? Let’s ask Eddie’s once drummer, Dave Abbruzzese.

Dave Abbruzzese saw it all happen right in front of his eyes. He saw Eddie Vedder and the rest of Pearl Jam make it a mission statement to make shows affordable by their fans as they all went after Ticketmaster. Dave was no longer the drummer at this point, but he still was there watching from the sidelines as media poured out from all of this hustle-bustle that Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder were showing the world.

Pearl Jam meant business with this and many of the fans rally behind them. It was absurd to have to pay a week’s pay to see a band you loved or a band that you needed to feel okay. Pearl Jam knew this, the fans knew it, and Eddie Vedder knew it.

There was recently a post in the official Ten Club Facebook group that stated how the poster thought that because all of Pearl Jam are rich and humble that prices were jacked up for Eddie Vedder’s tour so that they could send the money to a charity of some sort. Dave, surprisingly, is in this group as well.

While Dave didn’t say anything word for word about what the poster was guessing it, he made his message loud and clear as he laugh reacted the post along with many others in the group.

Was the poster on to something or is this becoming just pure greed? Of course, management and ticket sellers must be held accountable before any band or person as the band/person do not make up the prices.

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