Dave Grohl Asks Taylor Hawkins For Help At Show


Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins have embarked on a legeacy together, their partnership rooted in a shared passion for creating and performing rock music. Through countless concerts, studio sessions, and shared triumphs, their connection has only grown stronger, woven together by the threads of creativity, trust, and mutual respect until the sad passing of Hawkins. Now, a newly formatted Foo Fighters have ensured that every show is a tribute to the fallen legendary drummer.

Dave’s recent tribute to Taylor unfolded before a fortunate few who had managed to secure their place in the Pelham Amphitheater, capturing a moment both intimate and profound. It began with a seemingly innocuous comment about the weather, but quickly revealed itself to be a touching homage. Dave’s words about the rough weather that night were: “You didn’t think this was gonna happen, did you? Neither did I.”

Then Dave said: “I called in a favor,” as Dave pointed skyward, his intention became crystal clear – he was paying homage to his dear friend, Taylor Hawkins. The significance of this gesture lay not only in its public acknowledgment but also in the subtle depth of their shared history and the unspoken language that exists between lifelong bandmates. It was a heartfelt tribute, a way for Dave to express his gratitude for the unwavering support and dedication that Taylor has brought to their musical journey.

Luckily, this moment was captured on video, which you can check out below. Reddit started to buzz about it as well, coming together as one true fanbase of this band.

Beyond the chords, the rhythms, and the harmonies, the foundation of any great band is built on friendship. Dave and Taylor’s relationship embodies this truth, as they have weathered storms together, celebrated victories, and stood side by side through the ebbs and flows of their musical careers.