Foo Fighters Recruit Female Emo Legend


Foo Fighters delivered a monumental performance at this year’s Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee, solidifying their reputation as one of the greatest rock bands of our time. Taking the stage as the headliners on June 18, the band unleashed a 19-song setlist filled with crowd-pleasers and surprises that no one would want to miss.

As reported by NME, Opening the show with their explosive 2002 hit, “All My Life,” off their acclaimed album ‘One By One,’ Foo Fighters immediately ignited the atmosphere. The audience was treated to a string of fan favorites such as “Learn To Fly,” “The Pretender,” and “Best Of You,” showcasing the band’s undeniable energy and prowess.

But it was during the second half of the performance that a truly unforgettable moment unfolded. Paramore’s frontwoman, Hayley Williams, graced the stage as a surprise guest during the twelfth song of the set. Williams, who has consistently cited Foo Fighters as a significant source of inspiration for Paramore, collaborated with Dave Grohl and the band on a breathtaking rendition of “My Hero.” The chemistry between Williams and the rock veterans was palpable, and the crowd went wild for this extraordinary duet.

Earlier in the set, Foo Fighters also showcased several tracks from their latest studio effort, ‘But Here We Are,’ which was released earlier this month. This highly anticipated album, their 11th studio release, marked their first collection of new music since the tragic loss of their longtime drummer, Taylor Hawkins, last March. The band performed powerful new tracks such as “Under You,” “Rescued,” and “Show Me How,” where they were joined onstage by a very special guest—Violet Grohl, Dave Grohl’s daughter. Violet not only contributed her vocals to the emotional track but also delivered a stunning rendition of “Shame Shame” alongside the band.

The concert reached its emotional peak with the performance of “Aurora,” a song dedicated to the late drummer, Taylor Hawkins. This poignant tribute was a testament to the band’s bond and their unwavering commitment to honoring their fallen bandmate.

Fans have all said how Josh Freese is a great fit for the band and how they see the Foo Fighters going onward for a long time to come with the addition of Josh. It’s safe to say that if you get a chance; make sure you see the band live!