Nikki Sixx Proves Eddie Vedder Lost His Voice


Nikki Sixx and Eddie Vedder have been going back-and-forth through what seems like ever as Eddie Vedder once stated that he did not like Motley Crue due to their lyricism which shines women in a poor light. Nikki Sixx then fired back at Eddie Vedder stating that Eddie could ‘no longer sing’ and that his music was ‘boring’. After that was disclosed by Nikki Sixx, Eddie Vedder did not respond to any of the comments that Nikki had made on Pearl Jam or himself.

After calling Pearl Jam boring, Nikki Sixx then saw many of his fans come to his side on Twitter by stating such things as: “My best friend is about to have a baby. I will recommend Pearl Jam songs to put the baby to sleep hahaha.”

Nikki Sixx then suggested that the new parent should just put ‘marbles in their mouth’ and sing as they would soothe the baby even more due to the ‘zen’ of it all. The Tweets and responses would then start to go viral within Nikki’s own community which hosts tens of thousands of fans.

With baited breath, fans of both Nikki and Eddie Vedder have been seeing how this continues to unfold and it’s been rather entertaining on both sides of the fence for fans even though both artists should have moved on from such hijinx long ago. They are entertainers, however, and if this is what’s keeping the money rolling in, then can you really blame them? Nikki and Eddie have never seemed to be very tight with one another especially as the two eras were not fans of each other either. It’d be a far shot to believe that this is just a stunt pulled by both camps in order to stir up some kind traction either way for financial gain.