Dave Grohl Calls Out Disrespect At Bar After Snub


Foo Fighters frontman and iconic drummer of Nirvana Dave Grohl was on the Bon Appétit Foodcast recently to promote his new Backbeat BBQ company. During the show, Grohl shared a story about how he set up the recording process for the Foo Fighters 2015 EP, Saint Cecilia. He recalled being at a bar discussing being how an Austin studio wouldn’t call him back after he requested to record there. How disrespectful to Good Guy Dave! Alternative Nation transcribed Grohl’s comments. 

Grohl: So I broke my leg once falling off the stage when we were playing live.

Host: Risks of the profession.

Grohl: It’s true, but so, I’ve broken my leg and I couldn’t walk. We were about to finish a tour and we were in Austin, Texas and staying at the Saint, Cecelia Hotel. 

Host: Love that place, best hotel in America.

Grohl: I think it is the best hotel in America. 

Host: You just don’t want to leave. You go there and you’re like: “I’m good, don’t have to go out tonight.”

Grohl: Best people.

Host: Yes.

Grohl: There is nowhere more fun to hang out, that courtyard and that bar?! 

Host: Exactly, the big tree.

Grohl: The big tree. So, we have the whole place to ourselves, alright? Our tour is almost over. Right behind that, right at the end of that street is this recording studio.

Host: Oh that’s right, wasn’t that Willie Nelson’s studio at some point?

Grohl: That’s right, he built that place in the Eighties. So, I thought since our tour is almost over, let’s record a little EP there and give it to our fans for free. Just to say thank you. So I called up that studio and didn’t say it was me. I said: “Hi, my name is Dave and I’m in a band and I want to record.” and they never called back. So I was in the bar at Saint Cecilia and I said to the people that worked there: “they haven’t called me back yet.” and they told me to just record there [at the bar]. Just do it at the bar.

Host: It’s kinda loud.

Grohl: Yeah! They said: “we don’t care, it’s fine.” So we set up a recording studio –

Host: Because there are no guests!

Grohl: It’s tiny too, by the way, it’s very small. There is that fireplace and then that little bar.