Dave Grohl Calls Out ‘Poor’ Foo Fighters Performance


Dave Grohl discussed thinking his vocal performance in Foo Fighter were poor in the band’s early years in a new BBC interview, “For years, I was so self-conscious onstage, like, ​‘I know I don’t sound good, but how do I look? How do I hold my guitar? Do I do it like this? How do I move?’ ” he remembers.

“I wasn’t ever in the moment, I was just so afraid. And then something clicked, where I was like, ​‘You know what? I’m not wasting this moment on being nervous, or scared. I’m gonna walk out there like Julius fucking Caesar.’”

Grohl also wrote on Facebook, “A few weeks ago, as I watched the completed documentary #WhatDrivesUs, I reflected on the invaluable connections between musicians. I then had an idea that elaborated even further on the concept of inspiration and family lineage that I am so fascinated with: I wanted to record a song that would not only pay tribute to the people and music that influenced me to become a musician, but also to pay tribute to my long family history. So, what better song than an X song? And what better person to sing it than my daughter, Violet Grohl.”