Dave Grohl Cancels Highly Anticipated Collaboration


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, singer-rapper-musician Anderson .Paak, and hip-hop veterans A Tribe Called West were previously announced to unite on stage at this year’s Grammy Awards, which will take place February 12th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The Recording Academy has now announced that Grohl will not take part in the performance, dashing fans hopes to see the makeshift supergroup.

In a statement released Thursday (via Billboard), The Recording Academy and AEG Ehrlich Productions apologized for the error and said their “announcement was made prematurely.”

The statement reads: “Earlier this week, we announced that Dave Grohl would be performing with Anderson .Paak and A Tribe Called Quest prior to confirming all participants. Dave Grohl will not be part of this performance. Unfortunately, our announcement was made prematurely. On behalf of The Recording Academy and AEG Ehrlich Productions, we sincerely apologize to all parties involved for our error.”

A Sonic Highways highways outtake clip has surfaced on Laundry Room Studios’ YouTube of Dave Grohl listening to an unreleased early 90’s recording titled “Gods Look Down.” Watch below!

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins isn’t a fan of one of Foo Fighters’ radio hits.

Hawkins has revealed that he is not a big fan of “The One,” a track the band recorded for the soundtrack of the 2002 Jack Black comedy film Orange County.

“I’ve always hated this song,” he told Kerrang!. “I hate the way it sounds, the production of it; it was a total cop out.”

He added, “We were really trying to finish [fourth album] ‘One By One’. I liked the messed-up ugliness of that record, but we got asked by Tom Hanks’ son Colin Hanks to do the song for this movie called Orange County. Dave wrote it, I wasn’t crazy about it. It was straight-up pop – and there’s nothing wrong with that – but we were still trying to figure out how to be the Foo Fighters.”