David Lynch Reveals What It Would Take For Twin Peaks To Continue After Limited Series


Sherilyn Fenn discussed Twin Peaks’ upcoming Showtime return in a new interview with Twin Peaks Unwrapped. Fenn paraphrased what co-creator David Lynch told her about the future of the show beyond its 2017 comeback season. Alternative Nation transcribed her comments. Also remember to check out Twin Peaks Worldwide and Obnoxious and Anonymous for the latest Twin Peaks news.

“What David ended up writing for me was amazing, it was wonderful. I was so excited, and nervous, and thrilled. We had a great time doing it, it was a bumpy ride getting there, but once we got there, we hugged. He was like, ‘It’s great, be happy.’ He said that he loves doing it so much, he said if people like the show, that he would do more. Now David can change his mind, as we know, but he said the hardest part is writing it, it’s just really buckling down and getting it written, he said.

‘But Sherilyn, you never know, you never know.’ That’s the truth, you don’t know, it’s the throw of the dice, they could love it, they could hate it. But he loved doing it so much he said, ‘If they love it, I would do more.’ I was like, ‘That’s great!’”

Fenn also said that Lynch told her to stop tweeting on set.

“David will say, ‘Sherilyn Fenn, stop tweeting!’ (Laughs) When we were on the set, I took one picture, literally in my trailer, and I tweeted, and by the time I got to the set, I was called directly [to David], ‘Sherilynn Fenn, you can’t tweet pictures!’ I’m like, ‘Good god, why can’t I tweet a picture?’ I waited until we were finished, and then I tweeted it. I mean, I’m not giving away any secrets, because I’m not saying this happens, or this happens.”

When asked about the new season, Fenn said she didn’t know any storylines outside of the ones her character, Audrey Horne, is involved in.

“David didn’t hand out scripts to all of us. I know what I do in it, and that’s all I know.”

Fenn also discussed the video she and other cast member made when Lynch briefly backed out of reviving the show in spring 2015.

“I thought Twin Peaks would come back, and I would live happily ever after, I was so happy. Then he called on Easter [2015] and said, ‘I’m out.’ I said, ‘What do you mean you’re out? If you’re out, I’m out. I’m not doing it without you.’ Then I called the other cast members, and Madchen [Amick] is a computer wiz, so we had this idea, and got everybody on board. My understanding is that he had agreed to do 9 [episodes], then when he got into the world, he felt like 9 wasn’t enough, and he wanted to do twice as many, and that meant twice as much money, and they said no, and he said he’s out. Then there was even talk that Mark [Frost] and Kyle [MacLachlan] were still going to do it, and that’s when we got together. I said, ‘I’m not doing it, are you? I’m literally not doing it if David isn’t doing it, it’s ridiculous. I love Mark, I love Kyle, but sorry, we can’t lose the key component. I saw how the second season went.’”

Miguel Ferrer, who portrayed FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield, died on January 19th after a battle with throat cancer. The Obnoxious and Anonymous ‘Twin Peaks Thought of the Day’ podcast did an in-depth tribute to Ferrer, which you can watch below.