Harry Styles & Megan Fox Salacious Rumor Leaks


Megan Fox followed Harry Styles on Instagram after dumping Machine Gun Kelly this past weekend, fueling rumors that Fox is romantically interested in Styles, after rumors about Eminem surfaced.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles once dated one another, and while it never lasted long – it still took the world by storm when the duo split. After the breakup, there really wasn’t much to be said. The news didn’t flock to the two while they went back and forth bashing one another. Instead, it was more like water rolling off their back more-so than anything.

Here we are now, years removed from that situation and they are very okay with being around one another. Since they have split, they’ve both surely gone on and had great careers in both music and film and have both dated other people. At the Grammy Awards, the two met again.

As reported by ET – When the two bumped into one another, it really was nothing more than a great catch-up conversation. The two talked a few sentences as they seemed happy to see one another, but it doesn’t seem that they will continue to talk to each other. Not that there is any bad blood, but just judging off of their conversation, it seems like they both are just going to continue to go their separate ways and continue to move forward in their lives rather than harp on the past that they had with one another.